Wednesday, July 1, 2015

InTheCrack 1055 Cindy Starfall Image Set Download

Cindy’s adorable personality bubbles over in this strip tease video with lots of playful flirting and constant cheerfulness. The colours of this set are quite stunning with vibrant blues and greens against the stark desert mountain and all under a cloudless blue sky. Her crisp white bikini is the perfect match for this colourful desert oasis and it comes off with several minutes remaining for a decent introduction to her stunningly perfect pussy and ass. Her first dip of her fingers in her pussy produces an impressive flood of white creamy pussy juice. Cindy gets down in the water on the shallow shelf in the pool. Her bend over posing is pretty spectacular with her gorgeous ass twerking around just above the waterline. She also poses on her front with her legs together letting the water flow up and down her ass crack. Continuing in a similar fashion to the previous clip we enlist the help of an off camera assistant to pour multiple jugs of water all down Cindy’s ass. The bend over poses are amongst some of the best we have ever shot with spectacular clarity, beautiful colours and a truly amazing ass. Her playful dirty talk with her quirky Vietnamese accent adds some character to the scene. Cindy leans back on the chair in the middle of the pool to use a small rubber vibrating dildo. There’s a fair amount of dirty talking throughout this masturbation scene with some occasional streams of pussy juice. Once again the lighting is excellent with beautiful clarity showing every pore in her flawless skin.

Monday, June 29, 2015

InTheCrack 1054 Jessie Jazz Image Set Download

Though looking quite elegant in her red dress Jessie looks even better out of her dress with her best angle being the front side with curvy hips and a very nice set of boobs. Her black pantyhose feature prominently with no gusset obscuring the view allowing you to see the pussy right through the sheer material. The last 4 minutes is all nude posing including some rather graphic pussy and ass spreading while bending over and squatting in your face. Jessie’s red rubber dildo has some considerable length to it, though she really only buries about half of it’s length in her pussy. After working at it for a while she gets quite juicy with a little stream of white goo flowing through her ass crack. There’s 5 minutes of light butt play to end this video as Jessie uses one, and sometimes two fingers to dabble around in her ass hole. Near the end she adds a little bit of pussy rubbing with her other hand stimulating the front and back sides simultaneously.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

InTheCrack 1053 Candice Dare Image Set Download

This tease video has the perfect combination of a beautiful pair of panties on the ultimate butt lovers ass. Candice really has the perfect big butt with really full jiggly curves while still being firm enough to show no cellulite at all. The lace panties cut the perfect line over her cheeks allowing plenty of cheek to spill out of her panties while still teasing with the naughty bits just out of view. She spends plenty of time lying on her front allowing your eyes to explore all around her ass with the legs both closed and wide open. Other than the last half minute there is no bottomless nudity in this as we just focus on her beautiful cheeks and panties. We get our first look at Candice’s bare ass crack with her panties pulled just down under her butt with the crotch still partly stuck to her pussy. They stay there for a while through several poses while we worship her amazing ass. She gets her panties completely off one third through the clip and we have a little interlude of pussy spreading before returning to the ass worship. There’s a small segment of close up ass crack views though most of this is at more moderate distance to take in the full shape of her majestic rear end and underside. The latter portions of this clip feature a bend over ass up pose with her ass facing away from the camera taking in her ass curves from a different perspective.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

InTheCrack 087 Vicky Image Set Download

Vicky (aka Vanessa) peels out of her fuchsia and black lingerie beside the bed. It's a great introduction to all of her pretty places as you see all the critical parts from all the important angles. The boobs are fake but nice. There's a front side pussy view with her panties pulled down and a nice little ass tease with her panty thong before seeing it all naked. This clip is shot entirely from a low angle looking straight up Vicky's ass while she shows it off standing right over your face. She's got a really nice clean tight curvy package all through her gorgeous undercarriage. There's lots of awesome ass spreading and some tight little ass jiggles. At times her anus even opens up a little. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

InTheCrack 1052 Luna Star Image Set Download

Luna makes her way through a mini golf course playing golf with her ass completely hanging out of her bright red shorts. Any pro golfers will have a good laugh at her not so pro golfing skills with lots of amateur technique and cheating along the way. What she lacks in golf skills she more than makes up for in eye candy with some seriously eye popping girlie bits hanging out of her outfit as she wiggles up and down the course. She makes a point of bending over seductively to look for her ball in the bushes. Suffice it to say no one was keeping score on this round of golf.

Jinx Maze BikiniRiot Tiny Zibra Print G-String HQ Imageset

Does Jynx Maze got it going on or what? Not only is this 5' 1" Latina simply gorgeous but she's an adult star that takes pride in perfecting her craft and she is exceptional at it. If you haven't noticed yet that sexy insatiable ass of hers has a mind of it's own and her perky natural breasts with the upturned nipples will have your mouth watering especially when popping out of some of our sexy little bikinis.

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